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What''s the Difference Between a Hero, Sub, Grinder, and ...

2019-9-16 · A Hero, Sub, Grinder, and Hoagie? Some things in life are simple: we know that two pieces of bread with stuff between them, for example, is a sandwich. Swap in a long roll, however, and things get ...

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The meaning of CONICAL is resembling a cone especially in shape. How to use conical in a sentence.

What does grinder mean?

Definition of grinder in the Definitions dictionary. Meaning of grinder. What does grinder mean? Information and translations of grinder in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Grinders | definition of grinders by Medical dictionary

The main objective of this study was to estimate the economic effect of truck-machine interference in forest biomass processing and transport operations on steep terrain (road grade ranging from 8% to 20%) using stationary grinders.The term stationary refers to the limited mobility of the machine within the forest unit compared with other processing alternatives, such as mobile …

Grinder Definition

2020-12-8 · Grinder: A grinder is a slang term for a person who works in the investment industry and makes small amounts of money at a time on small investments, over and over again. Grinders are typically ...


2021-11-19 · One who grinds something, such as the teeth. scissors grinder (one who sharpens scissors) 2010, A. J. Larner, A Dictionary of Neurological Signs, page 68: Masseter hypertrophy may become apparent in persistent grinders.· (anatomy) A molar.· (slang) Any tooth. A power tool with a spinning abrasive disc, used for grinding, smoothing, and shaping ...

GRINDER | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

grinder meaning: 1. a machine used to rub or press something until it becomes a powder: 2. a machine used for…. Learn more.

GRINDER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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1. Someone staying on top of their shit. (ie. making money, accomplishing goals, getting an education, career, etc.) 2. Someone who is always on the grind.


machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing. a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States

Grinding Machine: Definition, Types, Parts, Working ...

Grinding Machine Definition: A grinding machine or grinder is an industrial power tool that uses an abrasive wheel for cutting or removing the m aterial. It is a process of metal cutting by using a rotating abrasive wheel from the surface of the workpiece.

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Grinder definition, a person or thing that grinds. See more.


Define grind. grind synonyms, grind pronunciation, grind translation, English dictionary definition of grind. v. ground, grind·ing, grinds v. tr. 1. ... I have been grinding: you have been grinding: he/she/it has been grinding: we have been grinding: you have been grinding: they have been grinding: Future Perfect Continuous;

What Is the Definition of Grinding Wheels?

2013-12-2 · A grinding wheel is an expendable wheel that is composed of abrasive compound and bonded agent. Generally, they are used for various grinding, cutting and machining operations. Grinding wheels are made of natural or synthetic abrasive minerals bonded together in a matrix to form a wheel-shaped tool.

Grinder Definition & Meaning

The meaning of GRINDER is molar. How to use grinder in a sentence.

Hoagies vs. Grinders vs. Sub(marine) Sandwiches | Eating ...

2013-9-17 · Hoagies. Grinders. Subs. Cursory online research will tell you that each of these names has a distinct origin, with "hoagie" referring to a type of sandwich that was popular among Italian workers ...

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Informal; an investor or investment adviser who specializes in small trades and investments.The term connotes hard work to extract the maximum value out of each investment; in any case, grinders do not rely upon large profits from only a few, large transactions.Rather, they profit from the sheer volume of small transactions they conduct.

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grinder, quern, crusher. 1.1. A person employed to grind cutlery, tools, or cereals. ''But one day on the job as a tool grinder in January 1993 he suffered an aneurysm.''. More example sentences. ''The craft based nature of this industry, which relied upon quasi-autonomous cutlers and grinders to complete ''put-out'' work, is reflected in ...

What is Grinding?

2018-6-13 · Grinding is an abrasive machining process that uses a grinding wheel or grinder as the cutting tool. Grinding is a subset of cutting, as grinding is a true metal-cutting process. Grinding is very common in mineral processing plants and the cement industry. Grinding is used to finish workpieces that must show high surface quality and high ...

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A grinder is a confusing term only because of the wide variety of things it can be used to reference. From a sandwich to a power tool, a grinder must be observed in context to be sure what is being referenced. Most likely, when limiting the term''s use to the arena of cabinetry, a grinder may be one of the following.

Grinder | Traditional Sandwich From New England, United ...

Grinder. Grinder is a variety of a submarine sandwich and it is especially popular in New England. The sandwich consists of a long roll that resembles Italian bread, but the interior is much chewier and the exterior is crustier. The roll is sliced halfway …

5 Best Burr Grinders

Burr grinders vary in price from $15 to approximately $200. The following guidelines offer a broad picture of what to expect in terms of cost. A small manual burr grinder may cost between $15 and $35. A large manual burr grinder may between $35 and $70. A small automatic burr grinder may cost between $35 and $70.

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2021-7-28 · The grinder is a tool of great importance in extracting the aroma and taste from coffee beans, allowing for the brewing of delicious, high quality coffee. In most cases, the grinder is the crucial aspect to the equation, though most people believe that …

The organ grinder''s monkey

Definition of the organ grinder''s monkey in the Idioms Dictionary. the organ grinder''s monkey phrase. What does the organ grinder's monkey expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

Grinder | definition of grinder by Medical dictionary

grinder: (grīn′dər) n. 1. A molar. 2. grinders Informal The teeth.


Noun: 1. grinder - a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States

GRINDER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

grinder definition: 1. a machine used to rub or press something until it becomes a powder: 2. a machine used for…. Learn more.